Finding Opportunities in the Arts for Diversity

Diversity. The unique elements of who we are. We all come from many different cultures and backgrounds. The beauty of the arts and the way in which it has, and continues to bring us together is in constant growth. Through opportunities of expression and representation, the diverse makeup of Hollywood expands day by day. How do you as a performer find these opportunities for diversity in the arts? Read below for a helpful guide by industry:

The Stage:

For the theatre community, there are a number of groups and resources to join, learn from, and support. The impact of these groups and organizations within each community continues to contribute to the presence of diversity in stage. Here is a list of resources for the varying communities that represent diversity on stage.

The Screen:

Hollywood has seen an influx of opportunities for cultural diversity in recent years. With a change of pace in usual casting routines, the growth of a more open and representative Tinseltown beckons forward. There are a number of annual casting calls for diversity as well as groups and organizations that aid the effort. These resources have been listed below.

While these resources are just the tip of the iceberg for opportunities of diversity, it lays the groundwork for change. From the stage to the screen, there a groups and sources of knowledge to keep you connected to these varying communities.