How Hollywood is Preparing for its Next Chapter

Hollywood's Next Chapter

During this time, there are a number of questions arising from both sides of the industry. How is Hollywood moving forward and what will this next chapter of Tinseltown look like for performers? As we learn to navigate the new normal, Hollywood is also working steadfastly to ensure a safe and stable transition. Recently, film hubs like LA have launched initiatives helmed by industry greats, like Disney CEO Bob Iger and Director Ava DuVernay. There are indeed many plans in place for the near future, all with safety at the forefront. Major publications, like Deadline and Backstage have also launched new information series focused on these initiatives. And while many projects have postponed filming, there still remains virtual opportunities for performers to self-submit or continue to progress on their craft. Read below for the latest important news to know and industry insight.


This is of course one of the biggest questions. Resuming production in Hollywood will depend on the safest possible route. The industry is still months away from cameras rolling —  with many studios’ most optimistic projections set for July-August production restarts. The more realistic ones are aiming to be up and running by September. Keeping in mind these are tentative dates based on vastly smaller cast and crew numbers. Active discussions are continuing with the film commissions in New York and Los Angeles.


There will be no ideal way to ensure a completely safe set, there is somewhat of an idea on what steps will be taken to ensure everyone’s safety once gatherings over more than 20 people are allowed. The first being that everyone will be tested before they are allowed onto a set. Daily use of testing will of course be dependent on availability. Many studios have said they will also likely rely on anti-body testing as a second possible factor of on set safety protocol. There will likely be a health questionnaire, a temperature check, and hygiene training (sneeze into the crook of your elbow).

“No one will want to, or should, report back to any environment they don’t feel safe in,” a top TV producer said.


For TV shows, there is talk to potentially limit shoots to studio lots. This would include lots like the CBS Radford Studios, which offer some exteriors in addition to sound stages. Filmmakers like Tyler Perry have also laid out their own plans for a safe transition. With Perry having his own uniquely situated studio, he’s hoping to be up and running in June. His plan, like others will also be based on a strict protocol. This, in Perry’s case would involve testing and sequestering the shows’ cast and crew on the sprawling lot. Actor, David Arquette has also laid out a reopening plan as it pertains to his current production, Ghosts of the Ozarks. Being that Arkansas was least impacted, there’s some hope. “It’s such a vast amount of space, we can build it so everyone can social distance,” Christina McLarty Arquette told Deadline.

The time table for states like California versus Georgia and Arkansas will, of course, continue to rapidly change in the coming weeks and months. While some opportunities may not resume normalcy until the new year, it is important to stay informed while staying safe.

As a new pathway is being laid for a better and safer tomorrow, it is important to remember there’s no pause on success. It will all depend on the strides you begin making today.