These days being online is as commonplace as having a cellphone. With the rise of influencers and the impact of social media, comes a new way to be seen. As an actor, this can become an invaluable tool, especially when connecting with casting. So how do you present yourself online and increase your chances of being noticed? Follow these tips on social media etiquette for actors and put your best selfies forward.

Branding & Style

Who are you? What is your view of the world or some of your favorite things? What your share on social reflects these different aspects of you and how you will be viewed online. The style of your post can make a difference just as much as the content and context of it. When you post on social make sure it represents not just who your are but what you like to do. Always keep in mind that casting directors or agents may look you up on social.

Selfie, Say What?

In the age of selfies, it’s hard to post on social without. The majority of the time selfies are great but when they’re posted in excess it can be a bit much. When your scrolling through your feed – what do you love to see? The purpose of selfies is to share yourself in your best life and at the best moments. Share authentically but share wisely.

Captions This!

It may seem minor but your caption can mean a lot. Even though it’s a small portion of the photo you attach it to, it should be entertaining and connect you with your audience. With 2000 characters, you will want to get your point across without sharing your life story.  Keep your captions short, sweet and casual but true to who you are and what you’d like to say.

To DM or not to DM

Often times casting directors will use social media to post about a project. So is the case for CD’s like Jennifer Vendetti, who recently posted an open casting call for the HBO show Euphoria. So if CD’s share casting news on their socials, what is the policy for direct messaging them on IG or FB? “If a casting director or talent agent uses their social media to advertise auditions or jobs, there’s more freedom to DM them there.” This is according to Casting Director Charis Joy Jackson in a recent article for Backstage. Jackson goes on to state that actors should always read the entire post and know the right information before messaging a CD. That’s why its not exactly a no to message CD’s on social but the more traditional route is always recommended. With systems in place for casting, choosing to DM can sometimes lead to missed opportunities lost in a sea of other DM’s.