iPOP Tips: How to Dress for an Audition

Finding the right look for your audition can be tough. Actors should always want to look their best for a Casting Director (or CD), but what exactly does that mean? You will want to look like you fit the role but at the same time not break out your detective costume from last Halloween. While the line between the Do’s and Don’ts of audition garb is easy to cross, these tips should keep you on the right side of on-camera fashion.

Audition Style Do's

iPOP Do’s

Simplicity is key. When choosing what to wear for a role, actors should follow the guidelines of the character without overthinking it. You are not playing the role of costume designer, you are playing the character as outlined by the CD. If you are auditioning for the role of head cheerleader, wear for a simple sports top. Playing the role of Doctor? You do not have to break out a lab coat. Try instead opting for business casual. Of course, if you are auditioning for a role in a project currently on TV, you can take some subtle SIMPLE hints from the current cast.

Comfortably tailored to you. Actors should wear garments that actually fit them. Unless the audition requirement specifically states to wear an oversized sweater, it is best to avoid wearing anything that hides who you are. CD’s like to get an understanding of the build of an actor to ensure it fits the character. While you want to make your best impression, you should always feel comfortable in the style you ultimately choose. Wear what you feel your best in while looking your best.

Naturally. When it comes to hair and makeup for an audition, actors should aim to look the most like themselves. Makeup should be minimal and hair should fit the part without distracting the CD from the role you are playing. Men should avoid looking like Leonardo Dicaprio in The Revenant unless instructions say otherwise. Children need nothing more than a clean hairstyle and bubbly smile.

iPOP Dont’s

With a few Do’s in mind there are also a few important Dont’s to not forget about.

Actors should be mindful that the camera will be shooting (usually) from the waist up so the primary focus will be on the upper wardrobe more than the lower. This is when cut, color and style come into being a major player for your audition style.

Color is key. When selecting what tones suit you, the best choices lay within the range of jewel tones and rich autumn hues.  Don’t wear grays or browns, while not distracting, they rarely suit hair colors and skin tones of most.

Ditch the Crew-Cut. As far as the cut goes, don’t wear turtlenecks, crew cuts or cowl necks, unless you want the CD to play a guessing game on where your neck is. Choose instead to wear shirts with collars and tops with a v-neck. Actors will also want to avoid clothing that shows too much skin unless otherwise called for. Depending on body type, wearing clothes on the short and low side can be another major distraction in the audition room.

Avoid the Noise. Actors should avoid wearing clothes with stripes, busy patterns, bright colors or obvious logos. Leave behind the oversized hat or costume jewelry. These Don’ts draw attention away from your face and distract the CD from focusing on what is most important — YOU. You should also avoid dark colors like black and dark blue, or light colors like white, beige and pastel. These hues soak up the light which is key for on-camera auditions. And while the Red Queen would say otherwise, red itself rarely films well, making it the last don’t on this colorful list.

Break a leg at your next audition (in style) and stay tuned for more iPOP Tips for Hollywood Success!