iPOP Tips: Tik Tok Tips to Go Viral and Grow Your Following

So long are the days of TikTok being related to time or Ke$ha. The most downloaded app of 2019 took the digital world by storm. Now that it is shaking up the industry, a new way to achieve fame has emerged. So how exactly do you go viral in 15 seconds or less? Our iPOP TikTok tips to go viral will help you lay the groundwork for making your social media mark.

Step 1: Think outside the box

When it comes to standing out on social media, being innovative in your content goes a long way. Focusing on a certain community on TikTok and crafting your content to fit that style will make a huge impact. And while copying the top trending influencer may seem like the opposite of that, recreating content on the app is actually one of the top ways to get an audience.  Find a rhythm to what you do and have fun doing it. On TikTok, being spontaneous or funny is often times the golden ticket for getting views. You want to be a storyteller with the content you chose to post but not let your followers grow to expect the same story.

Step 2: Up your profile game

Having an eye-catching profile seems like a given but it oftentimes gets overlooked when you are only focused on the content.  When it comes to going viral, making sure your profile is optimized is essential. Every piece of your profile counts when making an impression, which means your profile image, username and bio are powerful tools. Avoid long usernames and try to stick with the same username you have on other platforms, especially if you already have an audience outside TikTok. Utilize your bio space as a chance to let users know who you are without sharing too much. Yes, TMI exists on social media. Share about yourself, your content and your goals but beware of the overshare.

Step 3: More is More and Less is not enough

Having a great profile and an idea of what content you want to post are not the only important factors in going TikTok Viral. Because the apps primary purpose is sharing short video clips, your activity on the platform also matters. You want to be an active user on TikTok, even if you are posting several videos a week. Of course, you will want to ensure the content is quality but that’s why you should not overthink what you post. Have fun recording clips for TikTok and create as many as you like. Profiles with more activity and content are more likely to grow quicker than those playing Casper. Be louder, brighter and more frequent to gain your viral success. Hyperactivity is another crucial part of the puzzle for making your digital print.

Step 4: Collaboration is key

Now that you have a great profile, a purpose, and great content, the next step is collaborating with influencers who have already made their mark. This may seem easier said than done, but the odds can you be in your favor when you take a chance. Collaborating on TikTok with someone who has a following is a fast track to growing your own audience. While you can’t message TikTok users, you can reach out on other social channels. Reach out to other influencers and maximize your follower’s potential.

Step 5: Follow What’s Trending 

Hashtags, Challenges, and Dance beat’s Oh My! The last critical tool for going viral on TikTok is following what is viral. We cannot emphasize this enough, using trending tags and trying the latest TikTok challenge is one of the best ways to go viral! It is basically one of the reasons the app was made. TikTok wants users to connect through sharing trending and viral content. Taking a chance on your version of the latest dance craze is worth it even if your no Donte Colley.

While there are no set rules for success with anything you post on TikTok, knowing how to lay the foundation helps you get one step closer.